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  1. Getting Started
    1. Using FlashPCB
    2. Try it out
  2. The Library
    1. Categories
    2. FlashPCB Library for Autodesk Eagle
  3. Designing Your Board
    1. Use FlashPCB Library components in your Eagle PCB design
    2. Finding the right part
    3. Using the Value text
    4. Requesting additions to the library
    5. Our design rule checks
  4. Uploading Your Board
    1. Running design rule checks
    2. Board previews
    3. Bill of materials
    4. Checkout

Uploading Your Board

Once you've finished designing your board it's time to let FlashPCB take over. Upload your designs here. We only support Autodesk Eagle at this time but are working to support other CAD programs in the near future. Please upload both your board and schematic Eagle files.

Running design rule checks

We run a suite of design rule checks against your board to try to determine if your board is manufacturable. Design rule checks can have three results:
  • Passed: The design rule check completed successfully with nothing to report.
  • ⚠️ Warn: The design rule check completed successfully but there may be some impact to our ability to manufacture your board. Pay attention to the warning messages to see how your board may have been impacted.
  • Error: The design rule check completed unsuccessfully. You will need to update your design before you can continue.

Board previews

We generate a series of preview images of your board to give you visual confirmation of the board design. We generate a top and bottom preview that appear the same way as they would if the board were in your hand. We also generate a series of previews from the various layers of your board. These layer previews all have the same orientation, from the perspective of the top of the board.

Bill of materials

Our AI inspects your board design and uses the device set, package, and Value text of each component in your design to identify the specific part from our inventory that best satisfies the intentions of your design. If a component is unable to be placed (i.e. it did not satisfy a particular design rule check) it will be marked do not populate and you will see a message explaining why the component could not be populated.
While our AI takes its best guess at which component best satisfies your design, you may want to update the selected component. Our interface allows you to select a different part from our inventory that can be placed on the footprint you used in your design. We provide filters for you to use in this interface to help you search for our inventory for your desired part. If you cannot find the part that you are looking for you can either mark the part as do not populate and we will leave it unpopulated or you can reach out to us via our contact form and we will try to add the part as soon as possible.
In order to finish generating the bill of materials and receive a quote for your board every component in the bill of materials must either have a component selected for it or you must mark that component as do not populate.


This is the final step of the ordering process. In this stage you will be able to see your board quote and select the type of shipping you would like for you order. Your board will be ready to ship within 10 days from the date you placed your order. We are actively working on cutting our lead time down to deliver you your boards faster.
We currently only allow orders of up to 10 boards.
Using coupons
You may have coupons available to your account. You can apply these coupons during the checkout process and each coupon can only be used once. You can apply any number of coupons to your order.