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Getting Started

Welcome to the FlashPCB documentation!

FlashPCB is a PCB assembly service. We use software and AI to optimize the PCB manufacturing and assembly process so that we can offer fast and affordable boards for prototyping. In this documentation we will cover all the basics of getting your board made with FlashPCB.

FlashPCB is currently in beta. We will be regularly updating these docs as we continue to optimize our processes and expand our capabilities.

Using FlashPCB

Broadly speaking, there are three steps to getting your board made with FlashPCB:

  1. Download our library.
  2. Use components from our library in your board design.
  3. Upload your board.

We will explore each of these concepts further in the next sections.

Try it out

Check out our demo board here.


Download our sample PCB files, designed using the FlashPCB Library in Autodesk Eagle:

Upload the files here to see how easy it is to get through the ordering process.