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FlashPCB announces KiCad support

Nov 2, 2023
Philadelphia, PA

FlashPCB + KiCad

FlashPCB is launching its KiCad support for its Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly service and automated quoting system. FlashPCB’s automated quoting system gives you final quotes for your PCB design in minutes. FlashPCB’s automated quoting system uses artificial intelligence (AI) to parse your CAD file and build your bill of materials (BOM) with components that are in stock.

KiCad is an open source Electronic Computer Aided Design (ECAD) program available for free on Linux, macOS and Windows. KiCad allows electrical engineers to produce symbols, schematics, footprints and PCB layouts. KiCad is available for free from kicad.org. FlashPCB supports KiCad 6.0 and 7.0.

“Adding KiCad support opens up the FlashPCB service to a huge number of KiCad users. Our service is the easiest option for them to get a quote.” says CEO Thomas Castner, “We love the KiCad ethos of developing a welcoming, respectful and helpful environment for developing electronics. The FlashPCB service reflects that concept, we aim to make ordering PCB assemblies as fast and easy as possible.”

FlashPCB has released a free library of footprints and symbols for use in KiCad. This library can be cloned from the FlashPCB github repository. For instructions on how to load the libraries into KiCad follow the tutorial available on the FlashPCB Blog. If there are any questions contact FlashPCB support at help@flashpcb.com.