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3 Day Lead Time is Live

Unleash Your Innovation with FlashPCB

Jan 29, 2024
Philadelphia, PA

3 Day Lead Time

Today we are launched our 3 day lead time service, helping get your projects back on schedule, helping get your products to market faster and helping unleash your innovation. Unlike other PCB manufacturing services our lead times are calculated to include time to acquire components and blank PCBs. The delivery date shown to you is the time it will actually ship from our facility here in Philadelphia, PA.

To see the data your PCB would ship visit https://www.flashpcb.com/three-day-lead-time

Our lead time is calculated based on business days, with our cutoff for the day at 4:00 PM EST. This means if you order a board before 4:00 PM on a Monday it will ship to you on Thursday of this same week and with overnight delivery arrive on Friday. For more details visit our blog.