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FlashPCB receives NSF funding for I-Corps Program

Jul 11, 2023
Philadelphia, PA

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FlashPCB has received an additional $20,000 supplement to their $256,000 U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant. FlashPCB will participate in the NSF’s summer cohort of the national Innovation Corps (I-Corps) program. FlashPCB’s CTO, George Woskob, will serve as the team’s Technical Lead and FlashPCB’s CEO, Thomas Castner, will serve as the team’s Entrepreneurial Lead.

Stan Telson will serve as the team’s Industry Mentor. Stan is a Stanford University alumni and has served in executive, VP and director roles at Hewlett-Packard, Siemens Healthcare, Polycom, LifeScan, ROLM, Full Spectrum and more. Mr. Telson will aid the team with his long history of engineering and entrepreneurial leadership.

The I-Corps program was started in 2011 to support the NSF’s mission by increasing US economic competitiveness, enhancing academic and industry partnerships and commercializing cutting edge technologies. The I-Corps program has trained more than 5,800 researchers, engineers and scientists helping them start over 1,400 companies which cumulatively have raised over $3.16 billion in subsequent funding. For more information about the I-Corps program visit nsf.gov.

FlashPCB will conduct 100 customer discovery interviews over the course of the seven week I-Corps program. They will use these interviews to better understand their target market and identify their beachhead market. This will build on the 30 customer discovery interviews performed by the FlashPCB team during the NSF’s Beat the Odds Bootcamp.

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