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FlashPCB Launches KiCad 8 Support

Customers can now order KiCad 8 projects

Mar 15, 2024
Philadelphia, PA

KiCad 8

Today, FlashPCB launches the official support for KiCad 8. Customers will now be able to upload a KiCad 8 PCB project by selecting KiCad on the upload board page and uploading the schematic file with the “.kicad_sch” extension and the board file with the “.kicad_pcb” extension. The rest of the user experience remains the same, with the same design rule checks being performed and the same component selection tool.

“We are working to represent something new in this industry, namely speed and innovation,” says George Woskob, co-founder, and CTO of FlashPCB. “For this reason, supporting the latest CAD programs is a huge priority for us. We're impressed by the KiCad team and the progress they've made with version 8, and we're proud to support KiCad 6, 7, and 8.”

KiCad 8 was launched on February 23, 2024, only a year after KiCad 7. KiCad 8 adds improved libraries with more intuitive and uniform pin 1 markings, expanded data import and export tools, an improved simulation tool, and new simulation features. In the KiCad 8 Schematic Editor, we see an improved command line interface, better documentation, new UI panels, better BOM export, a pin helper tool, and a symbol comparison tool. Meanwhile, in the KiCad 8 PCB Editor, footprint and track dragging is improved, the 3D viewer has been overhauled, and there is better connectivity of lines and polygons in the copper layers.

For more information about KiCad 8, visit their blog post about the release. To stay up to date with the latest features offered by FlashPCB, sign up for our newsletter here.