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Transforming Students into PCB Design Experts at Temple University

Project 9 PCBs from ECE 3614 Printed Circuit Board Design

May 16, 2024
by Tom Castner Philadelphia, PA

Temple Boards

Every semester at Temple University, Professor John Helferty leads the ECE 3614 Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design course, transforming students with no prior PCB design experience into PCB skilled designers. Using KiCAD, students design up to nine different PCBs throughout the semester, evolving from simple 555 timer circuits to these intricate and creative designs.

Witnessing this growth is a remarkable journey. Students' project 9 PCBs showcase their creativity and technical skills. Some of the most fascinating designs include initials of first and last names, a Mario-themed PCB, the Temple Owl logo, the iconic Temple “T”, tributes to Philadelphia, and a Polish Eagle.

We are proud to support Temple University and contribute to the development of some of the world’s brightest future electrical engineers by providing high-quality PCBs.

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Polish Eagle

Temple Owl

Made at Temple in Philly

Philadelphia PCB

Mario PCB

Temple T

Letter A PCB

Letter B PCB

Letter C PCB

Letter J PCB

Letter N PCB