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  1. Getting Started
    1. Using FlashPCB
    2. Try it out
  2. The Library
    1. Categories
    2. FlashPCB Library for Autodesk Eagle
  3. Designing Your Board
    1. Use FlashPCB Library components in your Eagle PCB design
    2. Finding the right part
    3. Using the Value text
    4. Requesting additions to the library
    5. Our design rule checks
  4. Uploading Your Board
    1. Running design rule checks
    2. Board previews
    3. Bill of materials
    4. Checkout

The FlashPCB Library

In order to get the most out of FlashPCB we highly recommend you design your boards using our component library. We will only populate parts on your board that use the FlashPCB library. This is because we rely on the library to evaluate certain design rule checks. For instance, our library encodes rules around courtyarding so that adjacent parts have sufficient space to function properly and get assembled onto your board.
Do not edit the FlashPCB library; using entries from the FlashPCB library that you have edited will cause your board to fail our design rule checks.
We are constantly improving the component library and adding new components. If there are particular components you would like added to the library you can request that particular components be added to our library.
FlashPCB only supports Autodesk Eagle at this time. In the future we plan to support more CAD programs.


The FlashPCB library contains components across a broad spectrum of categories:
  • Capacitors
  • CircuitProtection
  • Connectors
  • DevBoards
  • Diodes
  • Hardware
  • ICs
  • Inductors
  • Misc
  • Oscillators
  • Resistors
  • Sensors
  • Switches
  • Transistors

FlashPCB Library for Autodesk Eagle

Download the library
Go to our library repository to download the library
Update Eagle's Library directories to recognize this library
This tutorial explains how to update Eagle's settings so that you can use this library. The tutorial explains how to use Sparkfun and Adafruit libraries but the process is very similar for our library. Start at the section "Step 2 – Update Your EAGLE Library Directory".

Next steps

Continue to the next section to learn how to incorporate the FlashPCB Library into your board design.